Random Movie Round Up #2: Fire in the Sky

I stumbled upon this film while browsing an interesting forum topic on disturbing movie scenes. Fire in the Sky (1993) tells the story of a group of Arizona loggers that return to town one day, claiming their friend has been abducted by aliens. The film is based on Travis Walton’s book: The Walton Experience (1978). Of course, the actual abduction can’t be confirmed, but Travis really went missing for a period of five days in 1975, during which no trace of him could be found in spite of extensive police searches. Travis reappeared at a gas station somewhere, thinking only a few hours had elapsed. Combined with the eyewitness accounts from his colleagues of an actual UFO, the story quickly gained international attention and continues to be fairly controversial. Sadly, the film seems to focus primarily on the town’s (understandable) skepticism. While it’s fun to see Robert Patrick go up against suspicions of homicide as a small town guy of simple means (instead of his usual outing as the mimetic-poly-alloyed-menace), I would have preferred to see more of Walton’s abduction. Walton escapes from an organic kind of prison cell that obviously inspired Neo’s escape in the original Matrix (1999) film. Except, where Neo wakes up to the entertaining kind of kung-fu lessons and fancy sun glasses, Walton enters a world of nightmares and gets a needle in the eye. It’s great, and very inspired (visually), but Fire in the Sky needed more of that, instead of Robert Patrick’s adventures in the town Church.

Fire in the Sky 1993