Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

It may be hard to believe, but it’s been almost two years since Remedy‘s Alan Wake was released for the 360. After Remedy sold all the rights to their Max Payne franchise to Take Two Interactive, they went to work on a new game that would put their knack for moody single player experiences to good use in a new kind of setting (the woods of the Pacific Northwest, actually). Released in 2010, Alan Wake was met with generally favorable reviews, though some felt the game’s combat mechanic became repetitive as the story progressed. Such criticism wasn’t entirely undeserved, but Remedy more than made up for those issues with an expertly crafted atmosphere reminiscent of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks television series and Stephen King‘s novels. A full-sized sequel is supposedly in the works, but its future isn’t entirely clear at this point. However, a new title was announced during the recent Spike Video Game Awards. Neither a sequel, nor downloadable content; Alan Wake’s American Nightmare will be released as a standalone title on the Xbox Live Arcade service. Remedy explains that this new title will be a little more action-oriented and is more similar in tone to Tarantino than Stephen King. An interesting analogy, and given Remedy’s roots with Max Payne, I have no doubt that this new direction will benefit Alan Wake‘s gameplay related ills. The following video consists of a developer interview and some gameplay footage. The type of setup in the video is a little contrived, but at least you get an informed point of view instead of the usual PR voice-over. The game is set to release on February 22. You can read more about Alan Wake’s American Nightmare here once I’ve played it.

roelfkromhout moderator

Yeah, I hope they keep in mind that Tarantino's part of 'From Dusk Till Dawn' (which Remedy refers to) was actually not that campy (implied by this new title's font). I'm not too worried though, tone is something they never got wrong.


The thing I loved most about Alan Wake was the setting which you so strikingly described. The woodland, twin peak like areas were the perfect setting for a psycho thriller.I'm curious how it will work out, especially since Alan Wake was one of my favourite 360 titles.